Themed Street

It’s a meandering two-lane of epic European legacy and magnificent Arabian themed architectural streets filled with fun and joy for a perfect getaway or hang out with your friends and loved ones.

Here you can enjoy a walkable feast amid the fine food shops catering the range of delicious pizzas, Belgian waffles to smoky steaks and many more culinary wonders.

Some of us love the glitz of a fancy shopping thoroughfare like fifth avenue or rodeo drive A charming atmosphere glowing with neon lights and cafe’s and ever-evolving french fashion and great Italian arts.

Landmark entertainment city bringing all these fantabulous experiences at one place to make it a remarkable one.



Walk along the beautifully themed winding street and discover the charm of the European legacy beckoning you to spend time with your family and friends in a quaint and relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy a walkable feast by exploring culinary treasures from gourmet eateries which cater Italian pizzas, Belgian waffles, smoky steaks and more treats. Get lost in the street’s splendour and charm with the glitz of swanky shopping thoroughfares like the fifth avenue of rodeo drive and its ever-evolving French fashion and Italian Artscape. Experience the ‘je ne sais quoi’ of Europe with incredible Parisian cafes glowing with neon lights, akin to being in a painting of Van Gogh, making it a unique walking experience.


Take a long stroll on the streets and breathe in the aromas of exotic spices on the bustling Arabian street. Enjoy the delicious cuisines with traditional dishes in the midst of Arabian architecture. Enjoy the elegance and mysticism of the streets bursting with colourful patterns. Go on an eternal adventure and find yourself. Landmark Entertainment City brings all these timeless experiences at one place to make it a remarkable one.