Halal Investment Options in Kerala


There may be many questions regarding the best investment opportunities in India. When looking for investment options people usually prefer halal investments.


Property is an all-time favorite halal investment option available in Kerala. As the real estate industry is flourishing, we can see huge property investments in Kerala. There are many cities in Kerala that offer opportunities to invest in property. If you are planning for investing, then you can find the most amazing opportunities of halal investment in Kozhikode. One can earn typically 6% in a year and maybe as high as 10% or above.


From the traditional era of investment, the land was the foremost halal investment option. But today many investment companies are an Islamic banking compliant land investment platform. The core idea is that these companies strategically purchase land and sell on for a huge profit.


The stock market is generally considered the most preferred option for long-term investment. There are two options for investing in shares:- either you can select the company yourself or invest in mutual funds. But looking as a halal investment option you must make sure that the fund is sharia-compliant.


Gold is both a physical and traditional go-to investment option. But if you are so determined about investing in gold, make sure you choose the right company.

These are few of the halal investments found in Kerala. Whenever you are planning to go for halal investment options, make sure you invest in companies that works in accordance with Sharia principles.

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