Best Short Term Investment Options for Investors

How to start Investing

Making investments is a crucial decision that needs a lot of planning & precautions. If you are a beginner it is better to go for small investment business opportunities as they are comparatively risk-free.  These are certain short-term investment options. 

Money Market Accounts

Some of the common characteristics found in short-term investments are safety, security, liquidity, and huge returns. Money market accounts possess these characteristics. It is better to invest your money in Money Market rather than making any business investments. Money market accounts are ideal options for companies and investors to deposit their cash for a short period while they wait for a chance to sell it. The money invested is handy, there is barely a risk of default, and the investment compound is appropriately assorted, so even if some individual responsibility is not made, it does not influence the money market account’s general value.

Money marketing accounts generate comparatively high returns for short term investors than many top investment companies

Treasury Bills and Commercial Paper

Treasury Bills & Commercial Paper is yet another short-term investment option for those who want their investments to be safe and secured.

Treasury Bill or T-Bill is a U.S. government debt security with a maturity period of less than one year. T-bills are one of the most saleable securities, and their popularity is primarily due to their simplicity. The maturity period for a T-bill is either 3, 6, or 12 months, and new ones are generally disseminated every week. The persistent issue of new T-bills and the robust bidding process means that T-bills can be handily cashed in at any time. Similarly, banks and brokerages traditionally charge relatively low commission on trading the T-bills. You can acquire Treasury bills in the U.S. across any of the 25 branch offices or 12 Federal Reserve banks.

Commercial Paper is another option in investments that you might want to consider. It is a short-term unsecured loan option granted by a corporation, generally for financing accounts stocks, and receivables. It is usually granted at a discount to indicate current market interest rates. Maturities generally range no longer than 9 months and, because of their higher risk, they typically offer a higher rate of return than a treasury bill.

Bankers Acceptances & Certificate of Deposit

CDs or Certificate of Deposit is time deposits generally issued by commercial banks. They may not be withdrawn on request like funds in a checking account. They carry a certain maturity date (generally three months to five years), a particular interest rate barely higher than Treasury Bills, and can be granted in any denomination. However, the amount of interest you can attain depends on the amount and duration of the investment, the existing interest rate, environment, and the specific bank. While almost every bank offers CDs, rates can fluctuate widely, so it’s important look around.

BA or Bankers Acceptance is another short-term investment developed by non-financial companies and insured by a bank. They are traded at a deduced rate to face value in the auxiliary market. For companies, a Bankers Acceptance acts as a traversable time draft for financing imports, exports, or any other transactions in goods. This is extremely useful when the worthiness of a foreign trade partner is unspecified. The benefit of BAs is they don’t need to be kept to maturity and can be sold off in the secondary markets.

Whenever you are planning to make any investments it is safer to go for a short-term investment option. There are many top investment companies that offer short-term investment options. Some of the best short-term investment options are Money Market Accounts, Treasury Bills, Certificate Deposits, and Bankers Acceptance. They provide better returns with lesser risk factors.

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