Best investment options in 2021

best investment options in 2021

There are many investment opportunities in Kozhikode which you can utilise to generate wealth. Investing in top investment companies serves as a way of generating higher returns.

Let us look at some of the financial instruments which you can use to create good returns.

1.Fixed Deposits (FD)

The safest, stable, and among the best investment options in the short term often include fixed deposits. For the following reasons, you may invest in fixed deposits:

  • To accumulate higher returns from various FD schemes
  • Stress free renewal each year will render you compounding benefits
  • Fund security
  • No depreciation on the principal amount
  • No market fluctuation effect
  • Guaranteed returns

For all this, a fixed deposit makes one of the best investment options, offering guaranteed returns as well. You can begin investing in fixed deposits as soon as possible if you want a healthy balance between returns and safety. Most of the banks and other financial institutions provide options for monthly saving options.

2.Mutual Funds

Although mutual fund investments are subject to market risk, the risks before investment should be assessed. If you understand the market and its risks, mutual funds can become your best investment option for multiplied money.

Furthermore, your investment option could be systematic monthly investment plans or systemic withdrawal plans if you have a lower risk appetite and want a fixed income from mutual funds.

3.Direct Equity

Direct equity investments are one of the best long-term investment options. It is about the company’s shareholdings which legally bind you in relation to the ownership of the company.

You are also entitled to take part in business meetings and to make your say in the decisions of the company by buying shares of a company. In addition, you are distributed with the profits in proportion to your company shareholding.

As an investor, you must be aware that the performance of a company has a positive and negative influence on the share price. You may also choose to return the shares to either the company or a third party later, depending on market conditions and your risk appetite.

4.Post Office Saving Schemes

The India Post, the body responsible for the postal chain in the nation, offers deposit avenues to investors. They were introduced once to help people induce a disciplined saving habit and provide investment opportunities to help financial planning.

The easy registration or application is what makes these schemes one of the best investment options. By visiting the nearest postal office, you can invest in these savings schemes. Saving schemes that come under post office investments include:

  • Post Office Savings Account
  • Post Office Time Deposit Account (TD)
  • 5-year Recurring Deposit Account (RD)
  • Monthly Income Scheme Account (MIS), and many others


Like individuals, firms and governmental bodies need infrastructural development funds and social programs for which public markets are liable. The investors concerned then purchase the bonds to help these entities raise money.

In other words, bonds are investment options for fixed income that cover a borrower’s loans by an investor. The reason for it being one of the best investment options in India is that bond details include fixed interest, loan capital, and tenure.

It, therefore, assures you of the security and an additional return on your investment. Furthermore, the price of bonds is inversely proportional to the interest rates offered. That means, when interest rates rise, the price will drop.

6. National Pension Scheme (NPS)

The National Pension Scheme is an investment option initiated by the government that aims to secure a citizen’s financial life after retirement. If you have a minimal or no risk appetite and wish to spare your retirement, consider NPS as the best investment option.

Under this scheme, you can invest, depending on your preference, in government bonds, equity, and other alternative investments. NPS is not only one of the best investment options but also the safest way to save and grow pension money. You can begin to invest in the National Pension Scheme from Rs 500 with an interest rate of approximately 8 to 10%.


The Unit Linked Insurance Plan offers another investment option for persons who want market-related returns together with insurance (ULIP). You can purchase life insurance that helps you invest in different funds and simultaneously offers you life insurance cover. ULIP has also become popular with individuals.

This top investment option in India provides two benefits, which help you consistently grow your money by insurance and market investments. You can select your long-term and short-term goals for the most appropriate policy framework. Furthermore, under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961, ULIP provides tax benefits also.

8.Liquid Funds

Liquid funds are like bonds, in which money is invested in bonds and securities. Since no lock-in period is established, it allows you to withdraw money according to your requirements and is thus one of the best market investments.

The best investment options are liquid funds for higher short-term profits. You can invest in it for 3-5 years and withdraw money in accordance with your short-term objectives. They are less vulnerable than mutual funds to market risks, making them one of the best investment options.

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