Best Investment Opportunities in Calicut

investment opportunities in Kerala

Kerala being a land full of undiscovered possibilities, it is not too late to attempt something new. Investors now looking for stocks and mutual funds can think about adding a little bit of tourism touch to their portfolio. With a steadily evolving economy, a strong economic market, and a liberal investment environment, there are numerous investment opportunities in Kerala, for example, the city of Calicut has the potential to develop as the dark horse in the race among rising markets. But for that, Kerala just needs to continue on its present strategy without doing anything dramatic. Read on to find out what Kerala has to offer for the global investment community.

The Best Options for Getting Your Feet Wet

The investors in Kerala have an amazing opportunity for investing in the Landmark Entertainment City at Calicut. Landmark Entertainment City from the Landmark Group opens up an array of opportunity investments for investors destined to earn huge returns. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a short-term investor, we offer you an investment with minimal risk.

An Overview Of Kerala Tourism

It is the tourism sector that has given Kerala, the title of God’s Own Country. Tourism and agriculture are two industries that we can see flourishing in Kerala. From the rich backwaters to the entertaining amusement parks, the state of Kerala has all the potentials to grab the attention of new investors. A Now let us pinpoint the city of Calicut. Unlike the usual amusement parks, the city of Calicut possesses the Entertainment City- A one-stop destination for fun, entertainment, and investment. The E-City provides an investment portfolio that no other entertainment destinations offer.

Low Investment Business

Every investor prefers a low investment business with maximum returns and minimal risk factors. Exactly this is what the E-City at Calicut has to offer. All you have to invest is just 37.5 Lakhs and that too you can invest as installments. Who offers you a better investment opportunity than this. We assure you of the safety of your capital along with guaranteed rental returns.

Investing in Landmark Entertainment City for Outside Investors

We at Landmark Entertainment City have one of the most liberal investment scenarios for outside investors. Non-resident investors, both individuals and corporate entities can invest in one of the secured investment options available to resident investors, without any regulations. Even the non-resident investors can be a partner of Landmark Entertainment City by investing with us.

Landmark Entertainment City, just like other investment opportunities in Kerala seems to be well-positioned for new development opportunities. You as an investor have the option of one-time investment or as easy instalments. Even the NRI’s can use our investment portfolio for their safe deposit of money.

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